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WELREX® is a game-changing digital platform with an investment management focus that enables High Net Worth individuals to make the most of their wealth.

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Elite service

Designed and run by fully qualified Independent Relationship Managers, WELREX® provides the quality of service that your wealth deserves. Managing your assets has never been more intuitive.


The WELREX® digital wealth management platform combined with an expert team delivers solutions tailored to fit your preferences and meet your wealth ambitions.

Value your time

WELREX® provides a smart layer connecting you to the best solution, enabling you to cut to the chase.

WELREX® has none of the stuffiness that you get with traditional wealth management firms and delivers a non-nonsense approach based on data-driven decision-making and client-focused benefits.

Make the most of your money

Unlike many traditional players, WELREX® provides fully transparent fee models which ensure you only pay for the services you need and use.

The result? With WELREX®, the value delivered significantly exceeds the cost.

Extend your reach

Increasingly those linked to the Emerging Markets face specific challenges.

The dynamic WELREX® platform has been developed to be fully responsive to a wider variety of requests so you are much more likely to achieve the outcomes you want.

What you get

Investment services

WELREX® provides a combination of curated in-house and third-party investment solutions, with discretionary and advisory mandates, and a range of options that empower you to keep your money safe, transact at an optimal cost, and choose the most suitable fee model.

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Digital end-to-end platform

From digital onboarding to multi-custody reporting and everything in the middle, we have you covered.

The WELREX® platform features a multi-channel engagement model using all relevant tools - for example video calling and instant messaging - to meet your needs. You can access whenever you need to, wherever you are - giving you the freedom to manage your wealth however you want in today's rapidly changing environment.

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Legal & commercial framework

With WELREX® you can have confidence that your needs are understood, your assets are secure and your goals can be achieved. It's safe to be online with us and we make everything straightforward to understand and act upon.

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Solution providers

Private Banks

Each player in the financial ecosystem has a unique strength at which it exceeds. For private banks, that is the ability to keep your financial assets safe and provide you with financing solutions at competitive terms. At WELREX®, our network of private bank partners and open architecture connecting you with groups with whom you already have relationships, delivers these services and provides additional wealth management services at the best rates and with the greatest transparency.

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Investment Managers

At WELREX®, we pride ourselves on giving clients the benefits of a more selective range of third-party investment solutions usually found at traditional institutions. We curate this expertise - only choosing managers more likely to deliver value and enable you to meet your goals.

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“Money saved is money earned”. WELREX® broker partners can help you achieve this by offering you the fastest access to liquidity when you need it, at better value than the market. Further, they also provide safe custody and leverage technology to offer better quality and speed of execution.

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