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WELREX® searches the world to discover investment opportunities which aim to deliver superior risk-adjusted performance to your clients. This doesn’t come from one country, one asset class, one industry, one currency, or one style. Rather it comes from carefully assessing the financial landscape while following time-tested principles of investing, adapted for best practice under different market conditions. These principles include an unwavering commitment to effective diversification through intelligent asset allocation based on a tailored investment policy for each investor, and skilled risk factor selection supported by a rigorous due diligence process. The WELREX® DNA is performance and unparalleled customer service.


Across traditional, alternative and digital asset portfolios, WELREX® provides a combination of curated in-house and third-party investment solutions, with discretionary and advisory mandates. This provides a full range of options that empower you to maximise your client’s wealth and enables them to keep their money safe, choose the most suitable fee model and transact at an optimal cost. With WELREX® you have the independence you need to deliver the highest satisfaction to your clients.

Portfolio management

WELREX® provides an extensive set of portfolio management tools so that you can deliver a bespoke service to your client. The platform is behavioural finance driven, with a number of bespoke and industry-leading features – such as proprietary risk scoring, hyper-customisation, and an agile investment process allowing strategies to adapt as market conditions evolve - and uses digital omni-channel communications to keep your clients informed. With WELREX® you have full control over what you deliver to your client.

Risk management

Risk management is at the heart of the WELREX® platform and its investment process. Your client’s wealth is secure and best placed to grow under your smart and attentive stewardship leveraging our full range of robust Risk Management features and tools – such as dynamic and factor-driven asset allocation, fundamental and macroeconomic analysis, technical and relative value triggers combined with liquidity analysis and risk-driven stop-loss processes. WELREX® provides the ultimate investment service for your HNW clients.

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