Digital end-to-end platform

Seamless digital access to best-in-class wealth management services and solutions


Trouble-free online onboarding

WELREX® saves you and your clients time and energy from the outset and throughout the client lifecycle. Seamless digital connectivity and simplified processes ensure everyone can focus on the most productive discussions.

Democratised access to consolidated portfolio data

The WELREX® platform provides in one-click the data that normally requires significant time and additional cost to access, helping you make fast and accurate investment decisions and ensuring a personalised experience for each client. The normal rules don’t apply at WELREX®.

Dedicated and granular portfolio analytics

Your client can receive reporting on positions, valuation, and activity within 24 hours of each transaction and on their device of choice - providing a personalised service and optimising client experience.

Secure omni-channel communications

At WELREX® we know that communication is critical to your strong client relationships. The platform uses the latest communications tools to match your needs and your clients’ preferences, with secure online storage for all documents. All channels are recorded for mutual control and security.

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