Legal and commercial framework

With WELREX® you and your clients get the peace of mind you deserve


Robust legal and commercial frameworks

As a WELREX® Independent Relationship Manager you will benefit from clear, easy to understand, and secure contractual agreements which will enable you to safeguard a more successful future career on your terms.

Transparent and accountable operational guidelines

At WELREX® we understand as well as you the importance of operational effectiveness, which is why all processes and protocols are well defined and regularly updated so that you can always stay on top of your business.

Best-in-class Solution Providers deliver the highest-quality solutions

Our trusted network of Private banks, Investment managers, and Brokers ensures you can service all your client needs, enabling you to focus on client growth and to build your business to reflect what matters most to you.

Underpinned by UK FCA accreditation

Because WELREX® is fully authorised and regulated by one of the world’s leading financial regulators, you and your clients can rely on the highest operational standards.

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