We believe that every advisor and their clients deserve to live the wealthiest possible life. WELREX® was created to fill an obvious market gap whereby Relationship Managers were not able to deliver what they want and Wealth Owners were not getting what they need.

Our own experience of servicing clients in institutional wealth management firms convinced us that the industry was not serious about delivering a service model which could deliver optimum value to Wealth Owners and enable Relationship Managers to develop their own successful business.


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The current situation for RMs

Relationship Managers in Wealth Management are a critical component of the ecosystem but are often prevented from providing maximum client value because:


They don't ultimately own their book


They're faced with testing sales targets that prevent optimal client service


They struggle to maximise remuneration as success is not in their hands

The current situation for Wealth Owners

In this context Wealth Owners waste time, effort and money. They aren’t served optimally and don’t maximise their wealth


They miss opportunities for profitable asset growth due to lack of service agility


They don’t receive the high-quality digital user experience that meets their needs


They lack access to the best products due to lack of transparency and diversity

WELREX® provides a holistic solution which meets a market need and improves outcomes for both Relationship Managers and Wealth Owners.


Solutions for Independent RMs

  • Legally own and protect your client book
  • Get compensated purely on delivered results
  • Work how and where you want​
  • Set your own targets​
  • Focus on servicing and growing your client book more productively

Solutions for Wealth Owners

  • Seamless access to the best institutional wealth management solutions ​
  • Investment management capability with performance linked charges​
  • Curated products and pricing usually reserved for Ultra High Net Worth individuals​
  • Unique hybrid model​ of modern technology and human advice to make better decisions​​
  • Gain improved control and greater satisfaction managing your wealth

Our Vision

To enable all clients and their advisors to lead the wealthiest life possible

Our Mission

To become the technology-led global wealth management marketplace of choice by prioritising investment results, digital capability and empathetic human interaction

Our Approach

Our focus is to de-risk investment growth by broadening the way we monitor and interpret changes in the investment environment, and translating our observations into practical strategies and agile tactics

What makes WELREX® different

WELREX® is the only player in the market aspiring to become the digital Wealth Management marketplace of choice for IRMs and their HNW clients.

Most platforms are for local market financial advisors and are retail/affluent client focused. WELREX® has first-mover advantage in creating a digital wealth management platform that includes investment management for internationally-focused IRMs.

WELREX® helps RMs become independent and more financially secure by redefining how their customers make choices about where to place their money, how to transact at optimal cost and how to invest institutionally with the best possible outcomes. HNW clients get a better user experience and an expanded offering with transparent pricing.

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