Compliance and security

With WELREX® your clients can be confident their wealth is in good hands


Authorisation and ongoing compliance support

We get you authorised swiftly and seamlessly and we also onboard your clients. WELREX® service includes ongoing compliance, monitoring, and reviews – with all necessary technology and decision-making tools provided.

Strong and secure login

The WELREX® platform uses the most effective technologies to ensure security of access, minimise cyber risks, and maintain compliance.

Data secure and under control

We appreciate that data is your most important asset. That’s why WELREX® utilises the highest quality processes and permissions to protect your and your clients’ data at all times.

Proactive cyber risk and threat management

WELREX® conducts penetration testing and threat monitoring across our technology stack to minimise threat potential and deploys industrial-strength cybersecurity protocols and processes to maximise security.

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