Article series – How to become a successful Independent Relationship Manager 2

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Article 2 captures more of the positives of becoming an Independent Relationship Manager (IRM) with WELREX® and highlights the key benefits to clients.

We understand that as a successful Relationship Manager you are already a critical component: you attract and keep clients, you provide excellent service and advice, and you manage portfolios to meet your clients’ objectives. And of course, you’re putting your heart and soul into your work so that you maximise your clients’ income and your own.

You may have noticed, however, that Wealth Management firms are failing good RMs on a number of fronts: RMs don’t legally own their client book; they may be overworked with ever-rising targets; they may feel underpaid and that bonuses are subjective anyway; they may lack flexibility to focus on what matters most to them; and there’s always internal politics and endless bureaucracy to challenge them further!

To bring this to life, we know a successful Private Banker in London who was totally happy with her situation – with a well-managed, self-generated book of clients – until her employer split her client book in two without discussion, leaving her disaffected and feeling undervalued.

Whatever it is that prompts people to re-assess their current situation, UK employment trends are evidencing an all-time high in the number of people are looking to go solo or take a more entrepreneurial route. This aligns directly with our experience: we are seeing a rising tide of RMs looking to become independent.

What about you? Maybe you’re at a point in your career where you may want to do things differently. To enjoy greater flexibility so you can focus on achieving what you’ve always dreamt of, to maximise your success on your own terms and be inspired to reach the heights to which you’ve always aspired.

With WELREX® you have the perfect opportunity to be even more successful as an Independent Relationship Manager (IRM) and build your business the way you want.

Received wisdom may tell you that establishing a Wealth Management business requires complex infrastructure which takes a lot of time money and effort to establish, but that’s not the case with WELREX®: our platform allows you to get up and running quickly and with minimum fuss, so you can quickly achieve the right balance of efficiency and scale and meet your own goals.

Being your own boss with WELREX® means that every client you attract belongs to you legally – no one can take them away and you can’t be on the receiving end of your employer’s arbitrary decisions. You’re no longer competing with anyone internally so it doesn’t matter how well the firm or your team-mates perform or how well you engage with supporting functions – it’s down to you and you only. With WELREX® you earn what you deserve: you’re compensated purely on the results you deliver, rather than contributing to a team target or to a set of group- or firm-wide objectives.

You don’t have to worry about pleasing your boss or your boss’s boss and you don’t have to hang out with colleagues you don’t like (no more silly Christmas parties you feel obliged to attend!). You control what you deliver – you get to set your own targets and focus on servicing and growing your client book.

And you’re free of the internal politics and corporate bureaucracy – and get to enjoy the freedom of being your own boss.

Finally, you have access from anywhere in the world so you get to work how and where you want (flexibility that we call “WFA” – “Working from Anywhere”!). You decide when you want to power up or power down, you manage your limits, and – as long as clients are looked after and all compliance steps are in place – you write your own rules.

Just as important is that once you’re signed up and approved as a WELREX® IRM, you can be confident that your clients will be delighted because of the superior service you’ll be able to give them.

They will get seamless access to the best institutional wealth management solutions irrespective of their wealth. In fact, unlike some wealth providers who limit access to some of their solutions, with WELREX® all clients can benefit from curated products and pricing normally reserved for Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

The WELREX® model is a unique hybrid model of modern technology and human advice, with strong underlying investment management capabilities and performance-linked charges. So, your clients get improved control and higher satisfaction managing their wealth.

And because we understand what clients need, you’ll be able to be proud of what you deliver to your clients. It’s a win-win because both get what they need: a new world of investment possibilities, an elite service, and best-in-class platform functionality which delivers superior solutions tailored to client needs – and with constant support from a senior WELREX® team who have trodden the same path as you. 

Time to take that step?

Register now to see how WELREX® can help you develop your business. Or connect with our founder and CEO Yevgeni Agerd to learn more.


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