Rule your wealth

A game-changing digital investment management platform that enables Independent Relationship Managers to exceed clients’ expectations

WELREX® puts you in full control of maximising your client’s wealth so that you can drive your own

Elite service

Want to impress your clients? Wealth growth is at the heart of everything we do. WELREX® provides the services that you need, proving that there’s never been a better way to manage wealth.

Better decisions

Access a unique blend of technology and personal touch. Benefit from our digital wealth management platform combined with the expertise of the WELREX® team to deliver solutions tailored to your clients’ wealth ambitions.

Save time

Need to keep on top of opportunities as they open up? Let WELREX® be your eyes and ears to make sense of complexity and deliver the best solutions, enabling you to optimise your client service and wealth generation.

Save money

Everyone is unique and what makes WELREX® different is that you can build tailored investment solutions without excessive cost to your client. Contrary to popular belief, you can get more without paying more.

Unlock your potential

Looking to maximise your success? With WELREX® you can build and run investment portfolios that truly reflect your clients’ preferences, and realise your own full potential.

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What you get

Investment services

Traditional wealth managers often push generic products and services. Choice becomes no choice. With WELREX® you get full access to a wider range of the market. Personalise your portfolio recommendations and keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

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Digital end-to-end platform

Enjoy making well-informed decisions that are unbiased, timely, and accurate? You’ll thrive on the digital experience and independence that WELREX® provides. The dynamic WELREX® platform has been developed to be fully responsive to a wider variety of requests so you are much more likely to achieve the outcomes you want.

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Legal & commercial framework

By partnering with WELREX® you’ll benefit from industry-leading legal frameworks, procedures and guidelines to safeguard everything you do.

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Compliance & security

WELREX® has embedded cybersecurity, the highest compliance standards, and the perfect combination of technology and human capabilities so that you can have the peace of mind you need.

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Operational support

As a WELREX® Independent Relationship Manager you’ll have all the support you need to look after your clients’ portfolios and drive their success.

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